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School Bus Articles Articles: School Bus Safety

School Bus Safety

School bus safety has been a widely discussed topic as safety of children is of foremost importance. Both school authorities and parents must ensure that proper school bus safety measures are taken to avoid and untoward incident. The safety record of school buses is incredible yet accidents can occur. School bus safety is a combined responsibility of school authorities, bus drivers, parents, police, and children themselves. For this it is important to educate all of them and spread awareness about school bus safety procedures. This article discusses some causes and solutions for making traveling on school bus safer for children and others.

Causes of Accidents Involving School Buses

A majority of accidents happen while getting on or off the school bus. School buses have to make numerous stops to pick or drop kids and the driver needs to be really careful while the children get on or off the bus. The school bus drivers need to take extra care while stopping the bus at the designated bus stop or while moving it as any miscalculation on their part can cause an accident with anyone standing too close to the curb.

Sometimes accidents happen when a bus driver stops the bus safely and other driver fails to notice the bus coming to a halt or simply ignores the fact that it is his duty to stop or he is jeopardizing the lives of children. A child is most likely to forget that other traffic exists while exiting the bus and if he/she suddenly steps out from the front of the bus, it'll be difficult for the driver coming from behind to avoid an accident.

The school buses must have seat belts with good quality padding and seat anchorages. These buses have compartmentalization which protects the children with its padded and reinforced seats but the children are protected only if they are seated properly. Apart from that, children might also distract the bus driver and divert his attention from the road which might lead to an accident.

Safety Measures Must Be Taken

Accidents involving school buses and children can be avoided by educating the children to take care while getting on/off the bus and while they are seated inside. Children should be taught to act with great caution when they are in the "danger zone" which means within 10 feet of the bus in front, rear and on sides. This is the area in which a bus driver will not be able to see a child. Parents and teachers should tell the children to not to pick up anything they drop if they are near the bus. Arriving 5-10 minutes before the arrival of the bus also minimize the risk of being in danger zone. Children should also pay attention that the strap of their bag or any other thing does not get caught in the hand rail or door of the bus.

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