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International School Bus

International is a company that manufactures the classic school buses we know and love. International school buses are renowned for their high quality and popularity. In fact, International school buses take more students to school than any other type of school bus –combined.

Historically speaking, International school buses have earned their reputation from the ground up. The first International school buses were built in 1907, and International school buses are still going strong. Chances are, regardless of your age, if you ever rode on a school bus as a child, it was an International school bus.

You can feel confident that an International school bus, old or new, will do the trick and meet your needs. International school buses are sturdy, attractive, and large enough to fit even large numbers of children and people. International schools buses are perfect for schools, groups, churches, and clubs. Even large families have been known to purchase, rent, or borrow International school buses for family outings.

In newer International school buses there are even more options than in the past. The company has recently implemented a new program, called “Green Diesel Technology.” The buses that use this new technology are hybrid vehicles that are much better for the environment than traditional vehicles. These International school buses have emissions at near-zero, which is incredibly impressive for such large vehicles.

The International school buses that utilize this green diesel technology do use fuel, but a different type. These International school buses are manufactured differently than the International schools buses of the past, and use an ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel. This fuel allows the International school buses to produce much lower emissions than older International school buses.

In addition to the ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, the International school buses equipped with green diesel technology also use aftertreatment technology. This helps to lower emissions even further. These International school buses are among the first to meet the United States Environmental Protection Agency's standards, as well as the State of California Air Resources Board's standards.

The oldest school buses around, International school buses, are now leading the way for all other companies toward lower emissions. It is quite impressive that such large International school buses can be manufactured to have near zero emissions. Someday all International school buses may be equipped with green diesel technology, or perhaps something even more advanced.

While the school buses of our youth may be a thing of the past very soon, it is comforting to know that International school buses will not cease to exist, they will only keep improving. It seems as if the next big thing for International school buses will be not near zero emissions, but perhaps zero emissions. Of course, International school buses will always hold a special place in our hearts, near zero emissions or zero emissions, or even the old whole-lot-of emissions buses of days gone by.