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Coach Articles Articles: Entertainer coaches

Entertainer coaches

Entertainer coaches are the buses that celebrities take when they are on tour. They are luxury buses that have innumerable upgrades. Often, a non-celebrity can rent an entertainer coach rather than purchase one. Often, a company will rent or lease an entertainer coach for the celebrity going on tour.

If you want to travel like a rock star in a luxury bus, then look no further than an entertainer coach. Entertainer coaches come equipped with restrooms, often including showers and not just a toilet and sink, kitchenettes, partitions, sleeping quarters, and sitting quarters. These entertainer coaches will also often include television with cable and a stereo system for listening to music. Usually, the windows in an entertainer coach are shaded.

An entertainer coach is not set up like a regular bus is. The seats in a regular bus are organized in rows, with two seats on either side of a center aisle. In an entertainer coach, the bus is generally organized in sections, with far less seating. While an entertainer coach may be the same size as a bus that can accommodate 90 passengers, fewer people will fit on an entertainer coach. The reason for this is the larger number of areas, like restrooms, sleeping areas, sitting areas, and kitchenettes. Besides, rock stars rarely have 90 people travel with them.

When you need an entertainer coach, research what is available and then decide what you need. The size of your entertainer coach will depend on the capacity you require, however, keep in mind that entertainer coaches usually come in larger sizes only. You will be hard pressed to find a mini entertainer coach, though they likely exist somewhere.

Many people rent entertainer coaches as a substitute for party buses. Those who do this feel that entertainer coaches offer more areas for different activities, and they enjoy traveling as a rock star. If you are a part of a musical group, and you have been given a performance gig, perhaps you will want to rent an entertainer coach for the evening. This will allow you to arrive in style, and help your group mentally prepare for the performance and really feel like stars. Perhaps you're a parent and your child is a star, just not famous. Rent an entertainer coach as a birthday present and have your child and their friends arrive in style at an event you have planned, like a concert, or even the zoo.

Entertainer coaches can often be used interchangeably with party buses. However, sometimes the things on a party bus, such as a dancing pole, are not appropriate for certain events, like a prom party. In cases such as that, an entertainer coach may be the better choice. While you are getting more varied space in an entertainer coach, you may also be giving up some important details, like party-conducive lighting and a space to dance.