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Coaches are something that we've all seen. They're impossible to miss. Coaches, or motor coaches, are huge vehicles designed for carrying many passengers, or converted to provide a large amount of space and comfort for just a few, or for a task-specific purpose. Passenger coaches can be compared to airliner cabins or railroad cars, as they usually have separate storage for passengers' luggage, as well as aligned rows of seats and many windows. Oftentimes passenger coaches will incorporate television screens for entertainment on long drives, and will often include a simple lavatory, and sometimes a galley or kitchen area.

There are two basic kinds of motor coaches. One type is the passenger coach, which is also the most common. The other type is the conversion shell, which is a coach body then customized with whatever the user would like. A conversion shell motor coach can become a rolling classroom, a Mobile Command Center for law enforcement and crisis personnel, a mobile executive suite for corporate officers, a movable health center, an overnight sleeper for a rock band, a recreational vehicle for cruising the open road, or even a party room on wheels (these are often referred to as limousine buses). Conversion shell coaches can be adapted to fit almost any needs, but they're not cheap. A conversion shell alone can cost over $300,000, and that doesn't include any specialized interior. However, converted coaches are often available for rent, in particular recreational vehicles and limousine buses.

There are several companies that specialize in coaches, and for the most part, these companies are able to produce both passenger motor coaches and conversion shell coaches. Prevost Car is a longtime maker of quality coaches. Prevost coaches are easily recognizable, with their tall windows and extra headroom. Motor Coach Industries, or MCI, is an American-based manufacturer of specialty motor coaches, including passenger and conversion shell motor coaches. MCI motor coaches are used across North America for a wide variety of purposes. Krystal, a noted manufacturer of luxury vehicles, including limousines, offers a lower-cost series of motor coaches, keeping costs down by building custom motor coaches on commercially available chassis. Krystal motor coaches tend to be either passenger motor coaches or limousine buses, and are usually smaller in overall size and capacity than Prevost or MCI motor coaches.

New, used, and custom coaches are available, in a wide variety of forms. There are motor coaches available to suit nearly any need imaginable.