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Bus Articles Articles: Van Hool Bus

Van Hool Bus

When you're looking at a Van Hool bus, you're looking at something venerable. Van Hool buses have been around since 1947, but this Belgian company has only begun selling to the United States as late as 2002. All those years spent selling to Europe, however, have paid off in superior design skills and a singular line of quality buses.

Van Hool buses are unique, incorporating a wide range of European ingenuity. A Van Hool bus isn't a composite vehicle but a single unit. You won't find a Van Hool bus sporting the front of a Ford F-series, for instance. A Van Hool bus's body is built entirely by Van Hool, providing a sleek, unique, and substantive look. Van Hool buses are something special.

Van Hool coaches, available in the United States, are used for tour buses and intercity buses, by companies such as Greyhound. Van Hool has also infiltrated the transit market, with a highly popular and highly recommended line of transit buses, the A3 series. The A3 series of buses offers unparalleled stability thanks to a low-mounted engine block, keeping the bus's weight close to the ground. This is one bus you won't find tipping over. Loved by transit companies and the passengers who ride them, the A3 series of Van Hool buses are spreading quickly across the American market.

An impressive Van Hool bus popularized in Europe and making its way into the U. S. is the TD925 Astromega. The Astromega is something almost unheard-of in the United States: it's a double-decker bus. Twice the capacity of a normal bus, and a bus with a view. That's what Van Hool buses are. They're a step beyond other, American-made buses. You can feel the European quality about them. You can tell that you're riding in something special.

Other innovations among Van Hool buses include articulations, which extend the bus's length horizontally instead of vertically, allowing more passengers to be carried but limiting the bus's maneuverability. These Van Hool buses, featuring as many as two extensions (imagine three buses as one), are ideal for off-road rapid transit solutions, a new, cheaper alternative to rail rapid-transit systems now being explored by municipalities across the globe.

Some European models are "trolleybuses", which use electricity from overhead power lines, making for a quiet, pollution-free ride, like a train with no tracks.

If you're looking for Van Hool buses for sale, you're looking for ABC Companies, the exclusive United States distributor for Van Hool buses. To the chagrin of some buyers looking for a used Van Hool bus, however, exclusive control of parts, service, and sales has an expensive downside. Despite that, Van Hool's new buses are readily available, and with Van Hool's superior design record, this is one bus company that won't disappoint.