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Bus Articles Articles: Used Church Buses

Used Church Buses

Used Church Buses

When looking for a used church bus for sale, the only consideration is not just finding a bus dealer that will help you to find the right bus for you needs, but to know what to look for in a used church bus that will make it a worthwhile value and one that will not set you up for many hardships in the near future through expensive repairs bills. It is also important to know that there are legal requirements in which the church bus must met, or they will not be legal on the road.

Sizes of Church Buses:

There are various sizes of church buses just as there are various models. Popular today are both the mini and the midsize church bus as well as the large church bus. There are reports by the National Transportation Safety Board that the 15 passenger bus is dangerous because of its tendency to roll over during reflex traffic maneuvers or tire blow outs. Which is one reason why the 15 passenger can only legally seat 10 passengers plus its driver. The advantage for many with the smaller church buses is they do not require a driver to posses a Commercial Driver’s License while the larger used school buses will mandate the driver to posses a Commercial Driver’s license.

Buying a Refurbished Church Buses

Prior to buying a refurbished bus it is important to realize that some dealers and sellers will label a used school bus as refurbished with the mere painting of the exterior and upgrade of seats. Buses that truly are refurbished should have been inspected for over 250 parts and any that need repair or replacement to pass inspection should be done. Some parts such as the pulley bearings, pads, water pumps, power steering pumps, starters and alternators should be replaced automatically in a refurbished used bus so that they will last. Other parts that should be replaced over 90% of the time in a refurbished bus are tires, wheel covers and ball joints.

Buying a Used Church Bus:

When purchasing a used church bus, it is essential to look at the service records of the bus, all repair and maintenance receipts and the original paperwork. This will not only allow you to know how well the church bus was cared for but what you can expect in future repairs and faults that the church bus may have. Most church buses have been well maintained for insurance sake alone.

It is also important to check the body for any rusting, no matter how small or large. Rust does grow and eventually corrode the vehicle. This includes rust on the hood hinge mounts, fenders, and frames.

Also check the bus for any leaks prior to purchasing it; this is especially true of the transmission. This is particular of Automatic transmissions as leaks hear could mean replacement of the transmission, hydraulic systems and brake components which are all rather costly.