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Used Buses For Sale

Buying a used bus can be a big undertaking and you should do your best to do your homework and really take inventory of your needs and skills before purchasing any bus.

The vast majority of used buses are purchased for church congregations or for recreation. If purchasing for your congregation we know it can be a complex task to make everyone happy with your bus purchase. Many factors need to be taken into account. First and foremost, how much money does yoru congregation have to spend? Once this is determined you can better make decisions on the type of used buses you should be looking at.

As with all things you give some and you get some. If your budget is low you might have to look at higher mileage used buses for sale that has been well maintained. If you have a sizable budget you can certainly afford more luxury but this doesn’t mean you should go all out on features. Most passengers care the most about comfort and less about the fancy features on a bus so putting the extra funds into some high back reclining bus seats may be better than purchasing a leather interior or television capability.

In making your decision you obviously should consider how many passengers you’ll be transporting and if over 14 passengers, whether you have a driver available with a CDL license. Next thing to discuss is your need for storage. Most used buses have either rear storage or overhead storage. Large items would require rear storage capabilities while overnight bags could be kept in over head bins. Extra items such a PA systems and audio visual equipment can be added if your budget allows.

The mechanical condition of the used bus is possibly the most important component you’ll be looking at. We always recommend buyers to have a full mechanical inspection done by a person you trust before making any purchases. Some parts you may have to replace on a used bus can be inexpensive and some expensive. You should always keep in mind however that you are looking to purchase a used bus so don’t expect everything to be perfect.

Some places that sell used buses now offer full service refurbishment meaning they’ll paint a used bus a custom color, change perimeter seating to forward facing seating, offer customized flooring, storage and a host of other custom add-on features. These buses may be a little pricier up front but save you a lot of time and money if you were planning on fixing up your used bus after the purchase.

Regardless of the type of used bus you purchase keep in mind there are plenty of option when looking for buses for sale so be sure to thoroughly scour the used buses available on the market to find the exact match for your needs.