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Tour Buses

A tour bus is a common sight for any tourist haven. How can you miss them? Huge and colorful, these behemoths plow streets from Los Angeles to New York, London to Tokyo, carrying thousands of sightseers every day.

There are a few things that make a tour bus special. First of all, there is comfort. Riders of a tour bus will expect more than your average city bus. They'll expect comfortable, roomy seats, space for luggage, and sometimes they'll even need space for facilities and food. Second of all, there is visibility. Everyone needs a good view on a tour bus! Windows are very important, as whatever a tour bus passenger is trying to see will be defined by the windows.

Does finding a good tour bus sound like a daunting task? It can be. But rest assured, there are tour buses for sale to suit any and every need of its riders and operators.

Several modern bus companies specialize in tour buses. Prevost Car, part of the Volvo company, is a longtime maker of quality buses. Prevost buses are easily recognizable, with their tall windows and high-capacity buses outfitted for tourist fun.

Motor Coach Industries, or MCI, is an American-based manufacturer of specialty buses, including tour buses. Like Prevost, MCI buses are popular and easy to recognize. They offer high capacity, luggage storage, and even bathroom facilities, if needed. MCI is noted for increasing the size of tour buses, allowing more passengers to be carried, thus increasing efficiency for a tour business.

Krystal, a manufacturer of luxury vehicles, including limousines, offers a lower-cost series of smaller tour buses, keeping costs down by building custom coaches on commercially available chassises, such as the Ford E-series. A Krystal tour bus is a slick, lower-cost alternative to a big Prevost or MCI bus, and tour patrons often enjoy the benefits of having a smaller group.

A unique but often difficult to acquire variety of bus that has proven extremely enjoyable by many passengers is the double decker bus. A double decker tour bus allows for extraordinary views and twice the number of passengers as an ordinary bus, a boon for both the tour company and the passengers. Van Hool, a Belgian manufacturer of buses, and relatively new to the United States market, introduced a double decker bus known as the Astromega. Many double decker buses, however, are legacy models, or imports from Hong Kong or Great Britain, and therefore very difficult to find.

Finding tour buses for sale is a matter of relative ease. Many sources, online and offline, offer listings for used tour buses of all years, types, sizes, and models. Manufacturers like Prevost, MCI, Krystal, and Van Hool offer nationwide dealerships with standing inventories, as well as custom and pre-owned options. Finding tour buses for sale isn't the hard part, as a tour bus can range in price anywhere from $70,000 to over $500,000. But rest assured, if you're looking for a tour bus, you'll find one.