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Bus Articles Articles: Shuttle Bus Auction Tips

Shuttle Bus Auction Tips

Shuttle Bus Auction Tips

There is a great need for shuttle buses in many different industries for the simple fact that they are used to transport passengers form one destination to another. Shuttle buses are often seen at airports and hotels. Because the cost of a new shuttle bus is high, many in need of a shuttle bus are turning to auctions to have the advantage of a cheaper purchase.

Shuttle Bus Auction Tips

Shuttle bus auctions are held not only in used bus marts but over the internet. It is advised to attend the auction in person so that you can examine the condition of the bus prior to its purchase. There are many things that may go unnoticed or disclosed through an Internet auction such as a patch of rust that could lead to serious problems as rust grows and spreads rather quickly.

Other inspections of the shuttle bus should include checking for any leakage of the bus. This is especially true with automatic transmissions as leakage in the transmission can prove to be very expensive. Also, while automatic transmission may be more expensive they do have a greater resale value and are easier to drive.

Take into consideration what your needs are in the shuttle bus. Do you need a large storage space in the bus for your luggage? Do you need wheelchair accessibility?

Acquiring all paperwork on the shuttle bus is essential; this includes all repairs and service reports, receipts and original paperwork. Should you not be able to attend the shuttle bus auction in person, then you should hire an appraiser or inspector living in the area to inspect the vehicle for you.

Also, prior to purchasing a used shuttle bus at auction, it is vital to check relevant laws for state and federal guidelines so that you have the knowledge of any updates that the shuttle bus may need and the knowledge of the potential cost of these updates.

Before bidding at an auction, run a check on any auction frauds that may be taking place. This is especially true of those on the Internet. And, never provide any financial or personal information such as your bank account. This is not necessary as you will either be paying with cash, check or money order.

Also, prior to purchasing the used shuttle bus it is a good idea to run a vehicle information check by its VIN - Vehicle Identification Number. This will allow you to see the number of owners of the shuttle bus, how many accidents the shuttle bus has been involved in, service reports and previous odometer readings of the shuttle bus.

Shuttle bus auctions can be a wonderful means to purchase a used shuttle bus. However, you must be certain to do your homework and make sure you have all information on the vehicle and an inspection by either yourself or a professional performed on the vehicle to ensure that you are getting a good deal. There are some wonderful shuttle buses to be found at the auctions and at some very attractable prices.