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Bus Articles Articles: Prevost Bus

Prevost Bus

Based in Quebec and run by Volvo, Prevost is a serious company devoted to quality buses. Like MCI buses, Prevost buses are easily recognizable and found almost everywhere across North America. They're hard to miss. A Prevost coach is built big, and they've been at it since 1924. Back then, Prevost was all about wood, building bus frames entirely out of wood. These days, however, they've moved on to metal.

Prevost's two major segments are passenger coaches and conversion coaches. A conversion-type Prevost coach, the XL series, is often a popular choice for traveling acts such as rock bands, providing luxury, cargo room, sleeping quarters and facilities. Not surprisingly, Prevost manufactures recreational vehicles as well, using the same shell as a conversion coach. Prevost coaches are well-suited to luxury needs. Copying some common RV tricks, a Prevost coach can feature pop-outs for extra room. Prevost also advertises the most headroom of any luxury conversion bus currently available.

Prevost also caters to specialized corporate needs, offering conversion buses as mobile training centers, medical centers, mobile labs, and mobile executive suites. Another configuration of the XL series includes the Mobile Command Center, a conversion shell specifically designed as a law enforcement or crisis management center on wheels, ready for state-of-the-art communications and monitoring systems, with the extra space for gear, equipment, and planning.

Prevost coaches are also popular among sports teams. Prevost's H-series features customizable paint schemes and roomy, long-haul interiors with under-floor space for cargo. A Prevost coach is also a popular choice for long-haul passenger transportation, very common in American and Canadian transporters, including Gray Line and Trailways. A Prevost coach provides high-capacity luggage compartments as well as a roomy, high-capacity passenger cabin, and with the resources of Volvo behind it, Prevost is able to provide a widespread service network. Trademark high windows also provide the passengers of a Prevost coach with exceptional views. Prevost also advertises the flat floor of its buses, a step up from older floors which had to be uneven in order to accommodate oddly-shaped engine parts.

Prevost buses for sale, and Prevost coaches for sale, are available in many forms. Prevost sells new and custom coaches at five locations across North America. New Prevost coaches for sale can run commanding prices, over $500,000 in some cases, while used Prevost buses for sale are available for lower amounts, in some cases as low as $60,000. With a lengthy spread of buses, new and used, to choose from, it's always easy to find a Prevost coach for sale.

There's a reason these buses are so popular. They're reliable, adaptable, and long-lasting. Prevost buses as old as 1980 can still sell for over $100,000 in the used market. Why? They are that good. If you are on the market for a motor coach, or a fleet of buses, it would be hard to ignore the qualities of a Prevost coach.