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Bus Articles Articles: Minibuses for Sale

Minibuses for Sale

Minibuses are basically vehicles that are a size larger than large passenger vans and have a seating capacity of 25 passengers. Some of the types of minibuses offer a small space for luggage and some are equipped with wheelchair lifts. These buses are usually used for short distance trips, city tours and local chartering.

Buying a minibus proves to be a great investment for many industries and organizations. This is because the minibus is a versatile vehicle that serves many purposes. It can be used by transit agencies, hotels, colleges, churches, airports, nursing homes, retirement homes, parking communities, tour companies, limousine services, schools, resorts, rental car companies; in fact, anything and everything you will need a large vehicle to carry numerous passengers to and from a destination.

There are many models and makes of minibuses available today. However before you actually get about buying a minibus, you have to decide what you intend to use the minibus for. Some people use the minibus as a circulating minibus where it is run on a continuous basis like bringing guests who have parked far away from a special event. You can find great deals on new and used buses for sale including mini varieties in our new and used inventory section.

Then there is the jitney, which is a mini bus used in busier areas. It is usually the privately owned companies in large cities that offer this bus for tourism purposes for its business partners and employees. People here use this mini bus like public transportation where they are transported to the key destinations in the city. Sometimes these minibuses are also used to make runs from the suburbia to downtown areas to serve as a link between the two.

Some non-profit organizations use minibuses that are handicapped equipped to transport their wheel chair bound passenger and other clients having special needs to and from activities and appointments they have arranged. Then there are assisted living communities that help the elderly by taking them to their appointments, shopping and other events. Metropolitans use minibuses for ‘mobility-to-work’ program where they provide people without transportation to reach their various points of employment. This is more prevalent amongst the low-income housing areas.

Not only can the minibus be used for various reasons, min bus services tend to help the environment in various areas. Traffic in tourist areas is reduced with mini buses, which in turn leads to less congestion in the streets and parking areas. Money can also be saved with mini buses as you just have to park your car in the less expensive areas, and ride a mini to your destination instead of walking there.