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Bus Articles Articles: MCI Bus


Motor Coach Industries, or MCI, is America's long-standing leader in the motor coach industry. MCI buses are saturated throughout the North American market. The familiar shape and style of an MCI bus are easily recognized, with MCI buses being used for everything from rolling advertisements to tour buses to passenger transports. MCI has been firmly rooted in the United States since beginning operations in 1941, and remains a strong player in the bus market. MCI buses, from the beginning, were built bigger and better, and soon drove across the United States, becoming a ubiquitous icon of the American bus.

An MCI coach is built for the long haul. With their familiar tall appearance, they're used across the nation for cross-country passenger service, touring, and as commuter shuttles. Certain models even come with a lavatory, making them perfect for lengthy runs. One of MCI's most popular lines are their J4500 conversion shells, which can be customized to meet nearly any need. MCI advertises NFL broadcaster John Madden's longtime use of custom MCI buses, noting the bus's luxurious touches, including a steam shower. You won't find that on your average bus. With superior custom options, it's easy to see why an MCI coach is the most popular coach on the market for custom users.

But MCI buses aren't just about steam showers. MCI even offers a hybrid version of their extremely popular series of coaches. These vehicles offer all the rugged and luxurious power of an MCI bus while cutting down on both fuel consumption and emissions, making this hybrid MCI bus an ideal choice for companies and municipalities seeking to save money and help the environment at the same time. The MCI hybrid bus is a win-win.

Likewise, MCI buses aren't just about John Madden! MCI buses are used for everything from mobile corporate offices to inmate transports, and from student transports to rolling crime labs. MCI even has wing devoted to building buses for public agencies. MCI buses are widely used by charter operators, with their adaptability, excellent operating record, and ease of servicing.

With their easy access nationwide, it's easy to find MCI buses for sale. MCI bus sales are available from dealers across the country, and used MCI buses are extremely popular among the hundreds of smaller operators and agencies needed reliable, inexpensive buses. But new MCI buses don't come cheap! Top of the line, new MCI buses can run well over $300,000. Needless to say, though, with the market saturation that MCI buses have, it's easy MCI buses for sale, whatever you are looking for. Used MCI buses are available in all configurations imaginable.

What MCI buses aren't used for, however, are small transports and in-city transit lines. MCI practically invented the big bus, and that's how they build them: big, and for the long haul.