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Limo Bus

A limo bus is a bus that is set up for a party, which can also be called a party bus. Some people refer to large stretch limousines, such as Hummer limos, as limo buses, but usually a limo bus is a party bus.

Limo buses are great for birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, and even proms. When the occasion calls, you just have to let loose with your friends and enjoy a great time. The best way to have fun in luxury is on a limo bus.

Limo buses are large buses, and can have passenger capacities ranging from ten to fifty. Limo buses are organized differently than traditional buses, though they are built the same way. A limo bus will have shaded windows, so that people walking down the street can't see into the limo bus, but the people in the limo bus can see out into the street. This allows for privacy inside the limo bus. A limo bus has bench like seating along the wall of the bus, with one center aisle, and the benches face each other. This set up is just like the set up in a limousine. There is usually seating along the back of the limo bus that faces forward, so everyone can chat. This seating is much different than on a traditional bus, where there are rows of two seats that face forward flanking one center aisle. Limo buses have upgraded interiors with more luxurious fabric covering the seats, floor, and even walls

Limo buses will often come equipped with stereo systems, so you can enjoy your favorite type of music. Limo buses will generally have special lighting systems to help you set the mood at your party or gathering. Limo buses also have restrooms on board, so your party or gathering doesn't have to stop, wait, and suffer because nature calls for a guest. The fun is continuous on limo buses.

Limo buses can also be used to give out of town guests a tour of your city, or for an intimate night on the town for two like an anniversary. Limo buses can take the route you request, like a limousine, so you can drive past a river, lake, over a bridge, or visit the location of an important date with your husband or wife. It's up to you.

Limo buses are commonly used for short periods of time, such as hours, but can also be used for tours and longer trips, for extended lengths of time, like days.

When someone needs a limo bus, they generally rent it. Limo buses can be rented in nearly every city. The rental rates vary greatly depending on where you are located, where you want the bus to take you, how many people will be on board and the size of your bus, and even what supplies you would like pre-stocked on board. You can often pay a per hour rate when renting a party bus, but if you are going to be on the party bus for a longer period of time, you can probably negotiate a lower, per day fee.