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Bus Articles Articles: Krystal Bus

Krystal Bus

A Krystal bus is by no means your ordinary bus. Krystal Enterprises, a California-based producer of luxury limousines, and one of the leaders in their industry, has applied their stylish and sophisticated talents to producing a series of buses like no other.

On the outside, a Krystal bus is customized stretch section built on a standard chassis. The chassis ranges from a Ford F-series front to a slick, dangerous-looking International 3200 (picture a luxury bus with the face of a semi truck, and you've got it). Inside the custom section, though, is Krystal's sense of perfection and luxury.

On the low end, a Krystal bus or smaller Krystal coach can be used as a hotel shuttle or tour bus, with comfortable, standard seats and luggage racks. But this is only the beginning. Another configuration, ideal for tour buses, comes with tables and cupholders. Krystal is known for luxury and style, and a Krystal bus is no exception. Krystal buses are also rugged and strong, equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. What else would you expect from a company that also specializes in prisoner transports and protection vehicles? A Krystal bus can even feature a back-up camera, allowing the driver to see what's immediately behind the bus.

But a Krystal bus can go far beyond the basics. Picture streamlined leather couches, a glistening black ceiling dotted with starlights, beautiful carpet, sleek bars lined with glass, a powerful sound system, DVD player, and big, flatscreen televisions where everyone can see them. Sound like a bus? If you're shopping for a Krystal, well, yes, it does. Referred to as a limousine bus, these vehicles offer sophistication as well as headroom. A Krystal bus can take luxury to the max.

All that luxury doesn't come cheap, though, as a new, basic Krystal bus or Krystal coach can start at over $70,000, with some models pricing well over $100,000, and over $120,000 for a limousine bus. If you're looking for a Krystal bus for sale, Krystal and Krystal's nationwide dealers are readily available, offering customized buses to suit any need, as well as a full inventory of ready-to-go buses and used buses.

Krystal is also moving in the environmentally conscious future with their development of a hybrid bus. Imagine cruising around in all that luxury and knowing you're getting better gas mileage than your neighbor's SUV.

There's no question, a Krystal bus is the epitome of everything you want in a bus, whether you're looking for a sturdy, sleek tour bus or a limousine bus fit for an all-night party of VIPs. Buses like the Krystal bus are often used by rental agencies, so if all you want is a night on the town with a Krystal bus, you're sure to find one. If you're looking for a long-term solution to your luxury bus needs, though, you're sure to find a Krystal bus for sale.