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History of Buses

A bus is a transportation vehicle used for carrying passengers from one place to another. The word bus comes from the Latin word omnibus meaning ‘for all'. The origin of first public transport system can be traced back to Nantes, France. In the year 1826, a retired army officer named Stanislas Baudry had made public baths and he used an omnibus to carry people from the center of the town to his public baths. When he realized that they were more interested in getting off in between, he changed the focus and instead of carrying passengers to his public baths only, the omnibus traveled on a predetermined route from inn to inn and carried passengers and mail like a hackney carriage.

The omnibus service was started in New York in 1829.

An entrepreneur named Abraham Brower started this bus service. The route ran along the Broadway to Bowling Green. The service also started in other American cities, such as Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore in the next few years. The travelers came to know many strangers while traveling in an omnibus. Omnibus also went to far off cities facilitating traveling. The distance one had to travel on foot was too much even for young people and omnibus made traveling comfortable.

The first motorized bus came out in 1895 in Germany.

It was a modified Benz truck and the modification was done by Netphener Omnibusgesellschaft, a company from Netphen, Germany. Early buses were actually made by fitting the body of a bus on chassis of a truck. Modern day buses are manufactured using advanced technologies and have latest features like GPS location, passenger information systems and electronic controls.

Buses have come a long way from wooden seats to luxurious and comfy seats.

The present day buses are also used as recreational vehicles. These recreational vehicles have every thing one might need, such as bed, sofa, electricity, television, microwave, etc. People also buy used recreational buses for personal use as these are best for traveling comfortably and luxuriously. A new bus is comparatively expensive so many people prefer buying a second hand used bus for sale and modifying it or a used conversion bus instead.

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