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Eagle Bus

An Eagle Bus is a blast from the past. Shiny silver Eagle buses were common sights on highways of the 1960s and 1970s, and are quintessential symbols of a stylish, silver-plated past. Eagle buses were widely used by Greyhound and Trailways. They achieved widespread success with an odd combination of production facilities in Belgium and Texas, but then, in the 1990s, the Eagle plants shut down.

It used to be that one could only find a used Eagle bus, but that is no longer the case, thanks to a renewed interest in the classic bus. A Texas-based company, Silver Eagle Bus Manufacturing, has begun building these classic vehicles new, with the same look and feel of an old, 1969 Eagle bus but with all the modern comforts, safety features, and customization options of a newer bus.

Like Prevost and MCI buses, Eagle buses are available for long haul passenger trips and for conversion purposes, thus they are very adaptable. A passenger Eagle can have such gadgets as a flush toilet and washbasin, TV screens, DVD player, GPS tracking, and a back-up camera.

These new Eagle buses may have all the new bells and whistles, but they aren't sacrificing the look and feel of the old Eagle buses. These Eagle buses are cut from the same machinery and plans as the old ones, to preserve the sleek, classic look of shining stainless steel. The new company is focusing on three models of Eagle buses, the Model 15, the Model 20, and the Model 25. The Model 25 is the largest, while the Model 15 and Model 20 offer slightly smaller versions of the Eagle bus, and can be ordered with a new automatic transmission or the classic manual shift.

Used Eagle buses are still widely available, and tend to run cheaper than Prevost or MCI buses. This lower price is largely due to the difficulty involved in obtaining parts or servicing for a used Eagle bus. But with forty years of Eagle buses to choose from, and over 8,000 Eagle buses in the world, there's a used Eagle bus for you, if you're looking for one. Eagle buses are still widely used and very popular in Mexico, for their reliability, range, and low price.

The modern Silver Eagles, however, are customizable and ready for whatever can be thrown at them. While still a small operation compared to Prevost or MCI, the new Eagle buses are a new and exciting option for buyers of passenger and conversion buses. If you're on the market for a stylish, unique bus, but don't want to shell out the dollars for a top-of-the-line Prevost or MCI bus, the new Eagle bus may be what you're looking for.