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Bus Articles Articles: Coaches For Sale - Finding The Right Deal

Coaches For Sale - Finding The Right Deal

Coaches for Sale - Finding the Right Deal

While many refer to the motor home as a “coach” a coach is actually something that carries passengers, while the motor home is a recreational vehicle. If you are in the market to purchase a coach there are different factors that you should be aware of, including how to get the best deal.

Finding the Right Deal

First, should you be looking at a used coach then you must take into consideration that most major brands parts are only available for 10 to 15 years from resources such as eBay, parts specialists and licensed dealers. Which could increase the cost of the vehicle tremendously when the need for replacement parts comes along


When purchasing a coach through a dealer, check the financing that the dealer is offering. Often times they will offer better rates and terms than other sources. This is especially true to buyers that have a gold credited record. If you aren’t purchasing through a dealer or credit is not favorable to receive a lower interest rate loan then definitely shop around for the best price.


Once you have decided on the make and model that you wish to purchase then begin to compare the price differences offered through the different dealerships and the Internet. Ask for actual quote and an option list so that you can easily compare one deal from another.


While knowing the make and the model of the coach as well as the colors you would like there are many other things that will constitute a good deal.

Look up the “invoice price” of the coach online. This is what give you an idea of how much negotiating power you have as the “invoice price” of the coach is what the dealership pays, while the “M.S.R.P.“ price is what the dealership lists the coach for.

Dealerships will have their best deals on the last day of the month or the first, so these are definitely your shopping days.

When negotiating always focus on the final cost of the vehicle. Always be confident in your demeanor and do not be over enthused regarding the coach. If you happen to be interested in one particular coach that is being offered and you do not seem to be able to get the salesperson to negotiate the price you would like, bring advertisements of other coaches that are being advertised for less. This will give the salesperson the added incentive of negotiating. Never let the salesperson talk you into the coach or try to get over on you. They are working on commission and sometimes need to be worked. This is notorious for the way they conduct business as when you are in a dealership, first you go through your salesperson, and once you have decided you are interested in the purchase of the coach you sit down to discuss the purchase price, then not much later the salesperson’s sales manager joins and tries to work you a bit more, and then the financing department becomes involved. You are the one that holds the upper hand, however, as you can walk away at any time.

If you want extras in the coach, then make sure they are included in the purchase price of the coach prior to signing anything.