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Church Bus

A church bus is just like other buses in its structure. It is its function that brings it its name. It is a bus that is operated by a nonprofit religious organization for the transportation of people to and from religious services. This service is offered not only to adults, but to children too.

It is easy to distinguish a church bus from other buses as these church buses have to bear visible signs bearing ‘CHURCH BUS’ in the front and back of the bus. The letters in this sign have to be not more than eight inches in height and have to be equipped with visual signs that comply to state requirements. These visual signs are the loading lights which have to be actuated by the driver to indicate the dropping off and picking up of passengers when reaching their respective destinations.

When a church bus is plying on the road, and you find yourself needing to overtake a stopped church bus to pick up or drop passengers, then you have to stop your vehicle before you reach the church bus. This is more so if you find that the red loading signals are still running. You are not to proceed up till and until the loading signals have been deactivated. Once you proceed, you have to maintain a speed that is reasonable, and practice caution for the safety of its occupants.

There is not much difference in buying a church bus from another bus such as a shuttle bus, in fact they are im nost aspects the same thing. You will first have to determine your budget for your church bus, and if you intend to take some finance, first find out which companies will offer you their finance services and accordingly, should you start looking for a church bus.

Our website and auto marts around you are the best places for you to look for your church bus. Compare the rates between the buses of different sizes and weights, and choose a coach for sale that meets your transportation needs. Get a quote from us, and then decide on whether you agree with our reasonable rates.

Of course, it is important that you take used church buses for a test ride and diagnostic before buying it to find out if you are comfortable in it. Though a heavier church bus may be a bit more expensive, in the long run, it is the better choice as it has a longer life. And if you plan to do some traveling, make sure that the church bus has sufficient storage space for your traveling needs.