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Bus Articles Articles: Used Bus for Sale Guide Part 2

Used Bus for Sale Guide Part 2

Used buses are in great demand as they are comparatively cheaper to new ones. Used buses are bought by schools, churches, organizations and by individuals for personal use. You need to keep a few things in mind while buying a used bus like budget, requirements, and condition of the bus. Find more about these pointers in Used Buses for Sale Buying Guide-Part 1. This article discusses some more important pointers that you must consider while buying a used bus.

Engine: Go for the biggest engine which you can afford within your budget. The more powerful an engine the better it is. Also, check if it will require an overhaul or repair as it will mean additional expense. If the engine was rebuilt, find out when it was last done as a rebuilt engine lasts from 75,000 up to 125,000 miles. Run the engine and look out for unusual noises or excessive smoke to find the mechanical condition of the bus.

Frame of the bus: Ensure that the frame and the supporting body of the bus are in a good condition. Do not buy a bus which has rust on the body surface even if you are getting it at a lower price as there might be only a small rust patch but it will only grow with time. Avoid buying a bus with rusting fenders, hood hinge mounts, and a flaking frame.

Transmission: Unless you have a particular liking for manual transmission, go for the automatic one as it is easier to drive a bus with an automatic transmission especially on long trips. Another benefit of buying a used bus with automatic transmission is that it is easier to resell it as most people prefer automatic transmission over a manual one.

Check the paperwork: Checking the paper trail of the bus is crucial. You can avoid the potential problems that you might have to face (in the absence of important papers) by checking the paperwork, such as service records and receipt records of the used bus you are planning to buy. By looking at these records, you will be able to know if the first owner has been taking good care of the vehicle, if the service and repairs were carried out on time and if there is any serious mechanical problem which might prove expensive in the long run.

Inspection by a professional: If you do not have thorough knowledge about buses, then it is a good idea to hire a professional. The professional will inspect the major parts like engine, transmission, frame, electrical system, etc. and tell you if a particular bus is worth buying

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