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Bus Conversions

People who are always on the go, or who love traveling usually opt for a bus conversion. With a bus conversion, it is possible to travel continuously, in a home away from home. Bus conversions come in various shapes and sizes and are available in a wide range ranging from the cheap and basic to the super luxurious. It is movie stars, politicians and the wealthy travelers who consider these bus conversions their home for most of the year, offering their choice of luxury.

There is no particular bus that can be made into a bus conversion; any former city, used school bus or even new factory supplied bus shells can be used for a bus conversion. There are bus conversions with just the basic amenities to live in, and also luxurious double decker bus conversions with built in Jacuzzi and stuff that are earned by wealthy people.

A basic bus conversion begins with a bedroom and then is converted based on the use of the bus conversion. Those using the bus conversion only as a home away from home while traveling also have a living area, kitchenette, toilet and shower fitted into the bus. There are people who also make bus conversions into a party bus or an executive bus.

The party bus is a bus conversion that is designed to provide you with all you need for partying. It looks just like an ordinary bus on the outside; its inside is where the party is. The interior usually comprises of a few seats along with the essentials for partying like music/karaoke/video equipment, a digital dance floor, party lighting and of course, a bar.

The executive bus is a luxurious bus conversion without any bed, but only has meeting facilities and office equipment. It is sometimes referred to as an executive day bus that follows a basis of a charter bus with a low floor for easy access. These executive buses are either corporate owned or hired and looks ordinary on the outside. It is only its interior that wears an executive look.

So it can be seen that the bus conversion is indeed a great investment prospective that does not seem to have much of depreciation even after its tenth year. The reason for this is that the price for a new one is very high so it is better for you to buy a ten year conversion, use it for five years and then sell it for the amount you had originally bought it for.