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Activity Bus

An activity bus is a straightforward and very useful sort of vehicle, which can be used for a multitude of purposes. The main purpose of an activity bus is to transport people, oftentimes students, to and from activities at various locations, such a field trips. Activity buses tend to be smaller than normal buses, and are often known by the acronym MFSAB, which stands for Multi Function School Activity Bus.

Since an activity bus is not a school bus per se, in that it isn't used to transport children to and from school, activity buses aren't as strictly regulated as normal school buses. This means that an activity bus doesn't need the flashing lights and stop signs that are required on school buses. Activity buses also usually lack the bright yellow paint which tends to adorn school buses.

Very many activity buses are available, and many different entities and organizations make use of them. Schools are a major user, as are extracurricular organizations, such as scouting organizations and summer camps, as well as preschools, churches, and daycare centers. Activity buses are often used by senior citizens' organizations or assisted living centers, as well, for much the same purpose as school activity buses.

An activity bus is usually fairly small, what one would consider a mini bus. With some modifications, an activity bus easily becomes a hotel shuttle bus or a courtesy bus. Larger activity buses are available as well. Usually, activity buses are specifically sold as such, distinguished from school buses and other mini buses.

Activity buses are available new and used and in whatever size the buyer requires. Some activity buses are equipped with seat belts, while others opt for more standard bus seating. Many activity buses are also equipped with wheelchair access. Companies that specialize in activity buses include StarTrans, which manufactures a variety of body styles and provides a great deal of options to fit custom needs. There are also activity bus dealers, including BusGroup, which deal exclusively in selling activity buses.

Activity buses, both new and used, are cheaper in general than other forms of buses. Pricing for an activity bus depends on the features of the vehicle, but for the most part, an activity bus doesn't require a great deal of luxury, and thus is quite affordable. Prices for used activity buses are quite low, beginning at under $10,000, while prices for new activity buses will usually exceed $20,000. While a corporate customer will be handsomely for a high-rise motor coach, an activity bus won't break the bank, which is especially good for its intended users.

Whatever your activity needs are, there's an activity bus out there to suit them, and you're sure to find one at an affordable price.